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Freesync broke ACT


I need some help about this weird problem. If I have Freesync ™ enable while playing FFXIV. My ACT/Overlay became unresponsive and only update the data when I ALT+Tab.

Anyone else have this problem? What should I do to solve this. Thank you.



  • Confirmed here. Latest version of Windows 1903, ACT Version 3.4.1 Release 261. Playing FFXIV. Hardware is RX 580 with Radeon Settings 19.7.4, and Ryzen 3700x.

    Was tearing my hair out for two days trying to figure out why ACT wouldn't update unless it was in focus. I had it up on a second monitor and watched as the timestamp in the window's name on top would update, but the timestamp on the parse chart wouldn't update, and overlay plugins were equally stopped. As soon as I'd click the window everything would instantly catch up, but obviously this didn't work great while trying to play the game!

    As soon as I disabled FreeSync for the program in Radeon Settings, ACT and overlays behaved as expected.

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