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Plugin - Harvest Tracking

Parses your harvesting "adventures" and keeps simple stats on them categorized by harvesting action and node name, then by item name.




  • I have updated the EQ2 Harvest Tracking plugin to handle the current harvesting. The update includes handling bountiful harvests, pack-pony bonus harvests and also tracks attempts to harvest (beyond receiving items). I also added a reset-data button to allow you to reset the collected data.

    I don't have a place to post it for download. If you're interested in getting it, I will have to email the plugin to you until such time that it can be posted somewhere.
  • The holidays were a bit busy after I got your email so I didn't reply or really do anything about it.  While we're updating it, I'll convert it into a UserControl like some of the other plugins and post the merged changes. 

    I'll probably create a new thread on it and merge this into it.
  • I've made some updates to the code I sent you. I will email the updated file now that I know you're interested.
  • I feel like the first update in 10 years should be some sort of record.
  • Great addon but don't seem to be correct output.

    Rares are deffo not updating so any ideas?


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