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  • Just tested, and here I'm with a couple of things that could improve it! * Give the possibility to add a Title and a Content * Un-bind the size of the form from the size of the Font (i tried adding a 22 fontsize, got a giganormous notification for…
  • Thank you, I'll test it out and let you know 😀
  • EQAditu said: The first time setup is a manual affair. Send me a PM with the title and description and I'll send you the information to get started. PM Sent! Thank you (:
  • So, I just edited my code and created a static class to call out the methods i need from the external dll and everything is loading just fine (: I also had to 'Unblock' the dll, otherwise it would still throw errors. Anwyway, thank you for your he…
  • Yeah i'm still in the middle of "trying to undestand how to hook to ffxiv" XD... So i'm trying different solutions. And modifying the code/references on the go. Anyway i had the problem before, and what you say sounds reasonable; as soon as i can …