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  • Update Last Friday act worked fine for me it allowed me to see all the fight's dps and didn't lock up.  I was very pleased about this development but decided to wait and see if it continued on the Monday raid it was back to its old ways od crashing…
  • I would like to keep trying to get act to work for me so I will post information about how it behaves as I see it happen in the hope that it jogs some memory and a fix could be made from them. I don't need a reply from every post as I appreciate the…
  • I don`t as such minimise the program I just have it open as it at boot up behind my eq2 window  I haven't use the try icon options it is basically just as installed from download except for adding the triggers. I don`t use the mini parsa window didn…
  • Well! I am sorry to report that on friday ACT went back to its normal ways and became as it was before. So I did the scan again and it turned up nothing wrong. Now though once it has parsed the first named it stops working altogether with no error …
  • The scan and repair seem to have fixed the problem. Last night i could bring the window to the front and look at the history of fights. it seems to work well now. Thank you so much for your time and advice  greatly appreciated  
  • Thank you i have done the scan and it did find some corrupt files and says it repaired them. I wont know if this has solved the act problem until tomorrow night. Would you recommend deleting and reinstalling ACT or see what the repair has done ? I…
  • I would like to try you suggestion but the link you made to sfc/scannow doesnt work. If you could resend the link or point me to the right web site i will try this