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  • Hi EQAditu, thank you very much for the prompt advice. Everything is good now thanks to your explanation on how the tab works. I had multiple triggers in the same category with the same result tab name therefore causing the tab duplication. Didn't …
  • I am running ACT on FFXIV and my custom trigger categories keep increasing to become a really huge long list that make me thinking how is this going to work out when the new expansion is released and a lot more is coming in? So, how about dividing …
  • I see. I think I can work around with that now by using spell timer. Actually I have already been using spell timer but only for proc and buff CT control. Simply not realizing that I can use it for boss gimicks too. Good suggestion. Again thank yo…
  • Thank you for the response. Let me explain the idea of my suggestion more specifially. For example, when a specific boss attack is coming in without a casting, the game server may send specific preceding messages to inform the game client, a…