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ACT not creating any log files

I have everything setup in ACT and the program logs everything as it should. I can't seem to figure out how to get it to save a log file to actually upload to fflogs though.



  • Logs are saved the same instant they are parsed.  If you go into the plugin options, the FFXIV plugin has a button to open the logs location where it creates the network logs, etc.

  • For some reason it isn't saving anything there though. The only log it's actually saved is the very first test log I did and none of the stuff after that. I've done a few things since then that parsed perfectly but the logs were never actually saved in that folder.

  • If it parsed anything at all, the logs definitely exist.  ACT is a log parser just like FFLogs.  If there are no logs, nothing is parsed.  The FFXIV plugin reads FFXIV's memory and network packets to create the logs and ACT reads those normally, just as FFLogs does.

  • Did I miss a setting somewhere during the install maybe? I tested it again and it records everything in the fight as it should but still never actually saved the log to upload. Is there no way to manually save the fight data? 

  • No, there isn't.  Your situation as described is impossible and I don't know how else to explain it to you so that you'll accept it.  If ACT actually has data to show, it came from a saved log file already.  I will not say this again.

    ACT will show the log file it is currently reading from in the Options tab, but this is no different from the plugin button that opens the logs location.

    As a side note, ACT saves raw logs per encounter in the View Logs context menu option, but this is unsuitable for FFLogs.  Without plugin version information, the file will be rejected.  This information is only added to the log when it is created or when ACT restarts and the plugin re-uses the log file.

  • I got it figured out. Basically, I have to parse a fight and change the name of the log file with that fight's info in it for it to start a fresh log. I guess it was just overwriting the same log file that was in the folder.

  • That's odd.  I don't play FFXIV, but my understanding is that the plugin should always append to logs, not overwrite them.  It should even make a completely new file every day with the date in the filename.

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