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ACT not parsing existing log file

When I try to parse a log file within a specified time range, it says "specific date range not found."

It is able to find the encounter in the history database but doesn't work beyond that.

I'm wondering if I accidentally messed with the log file somehow to make it un-parseable?



  • edited June 2020

    The History Database will look for the first log file that is newer than the end of the encounter.  Once it finds the candidate, it will scan the file for the starting point of the encounter, then perform normal parsing.

    If your logs were modified externally to not have the correct modified date for the file contents, it may select the wrong log file and then fail.  If a file with a similar name(*.log) was added to the logs folder that happens to fulfill the modified date requirement first, but does not have the required date, it will also fail like this.

    In short, don't pollute the logs folder with anything that is not created by the FFXIV Plugin and don't modify the log files in any way(changing the modified date).

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