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proxy through pc to read ps4 ff14 packets

edited July 2019 in General ACT Discussion

I was looking on Reddit and someone said it could be possible to have ACT on pc read the ff14 packets from PS4 using a WinPCap, he basically says 

'You can, theretically,proxy through that laptop and run ACT through WinPCap on it and have WinPCap capture the ffxiv packets that run through it. You'd need to edit the parsing plugin to snap to the proxy service instead of ffxiv but it should work that way.'

Would this work and if so would anyone know how.? I wouldn't even know where to start



  • There's a certain amount that the parsing plugin gets directly from the game's memory.  There's no chance that will work for a PS4 or even Mac.  The parsing plugin will more or less refuse to work without an active FFXIV process to monitor, so the rest of the theoretics don't matter a lot.

    It would require a lot of modifications to the parsing plugin to get to any stage.  The biggest hurdle is that it will not have direct memory access to FFXIV.

  • Aww okay. Had my hopes up then. Thanks for informing me, I was completely clueless

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