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ACT Unable to connect to remote server

After installing ACT, I am given the following error message. I have made sure that ACT is allowed through Antivirus/Windows Defender. Any other advice for troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.



  • That looks like the main program version check.  All that really does is check with a simple URL.  There's not a lot of complication there.

    I imagine the same thing happens if you check for updates in the About tab or click the Get Plugins... button in the Plugins tab?

  • Yep, so any plugin installations have to be done manually. It's not the most severe problem in the world, but I'd like to know *why* its happening.

  • I've been thinking about this and I still can't come up with a better answer than it's a firewall issue.  Your browser can connect, so it's not a routing or DNS issue.  If ACT could connect but something bad happened, it would be a different message.

    But the fact that you're using FFXIV without issue suggests that the firewall isn't blocking that much.  The only thing I could think of to explain it is if you were using WinPcap mode parsing which bypasses the firewall, in which case ACT using normal methods could still be blocked.

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