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There was an error in downloading the update

The request was aborted. Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. SecureChannelFailure.

I updated my windows with every patch and downloaded the .net framework version 4.8

I still can't update to the newest version of ACT!  Please help!



  • edited July 2019

    The above should have helped even Windows Vista with that type of error.  It really shouldn't be the case since you're playing FFXIV, but by chance are you using the "ACT (32-bit only)" / ACTx86.exe shortcut/executable?  I think that way of starting ACT might bypass the TLS upgrade fix.  Nevermind, I checked and it shouldn't bypass it.

    Anyways, if all else fails... everything that ACT can download, you can use a browser to download as well.  The only drawback is that the manual method is annoying. 😛

    You can get the ACT updates from here:
    You can get the FFXIV plugin updates from here:
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