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Worked for a day

Hey all,

So my ACT stopped working after a day or so of it working fine. I can't seem to find out what the problem is. For some reason logs wont populate into ACT or the overlay. The "target's HP bar" works fine and picks up the remaining hp of whatever i target as well as the targets name. ACT will also use triggers fine. It will pick up my location as well or what trial im in but no data. 

Anyone know what may be causing this issue?


  • So, the FFXIV plugin's overlay shows the healthbar... so memory reading is okay.  ACT is apparently parsing custom triggers, so the log file is being generated and read.

    Is it possible you have multiple parsing plugins active and the second one is mangling some of the log parsing internal settings so that the FFXIV plugin can't understand its own logs?

  • I only have the ffxiv plugin as well as the overlay plugin active. 

  • The most perplexing part is that it was working and then broke.  I assume your description means that the table/graph in the Main tab remains blank?  Everything I think of suggesting gets countered by something already described.

    If you're willing, go to the About tab and send me the logs through the Feedback system.  Maybe there's something there I can identify as the cause in terms of how ACT is behaving.  If it's more an issue with the FFXIV plugin, it probably won't tell me much as I don't think Ravahn uses that log at all.

    Though speaking of logs... maybe try enabling debug messages in the FFXIV plugin and see if it is complaining about something or not.  I don't really know what that section looks like either way, though.

  • I got everything working again. 

    Shortly after I posted the message a bunch of Windows related programs started to fail. Like I couldn't access anything under control panel or use the search feature. I ran a scan of Windows and confirmed there was a bunch of corrupted files. My PC is brand new and only a couple days old. I'm guessing the Windows .iso I used wasn't good. So I made another and did a complete reinstall of Windows. 

    The parser works flawlessly now. I'm hoping it stays that way. 

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