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parse mode

So I recently downloaded ffxiv after not playing for 6 months and reinstalled ACT as well. I got it exactly the same way I had it before, which worked perfectly, the same overlay, allowed it through my firewall and ran it as an admin but I came across an issue with the parse modes. I dont know if parse modes are relatively new, being that the last time I have used ACT was back in early January. My issue is that when I use network parse mode, combat is not detected by the parser, but when I change it to memory, combat is detected and parces, but as stated in the parenthesis, is wildly inaccurate. I was hoping someone could give some insight. Again, I always run it as an admin, I have allowed it through my firewall, my FFXIV_ACT_Plugin is up to date (I believe and so is my overlay plugin. Everyone else that I know uses the network parse mode so I know its my ACT which is acting up.
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