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Cannot disable system beep when using "/e end" and "/e clear" in FFXIV client

I put in a bug report for the FFXIV plugin a few days ago when I couldn't mute sounds coming from ACT when using "/e end" and "/e clear" to manage ACT from within the FFXIV client.  Ravahn replied pretty quickly, and it seems the source of the sound is coming from ACT itself.

Context URL:

I was wondering if there was any way this could be fixed in an upcoming release?  I feel like the check that generates the system beep should see if the "No internal sound" option is selected before making that beep.




  • What you're describing is an intentional feedback for a system that is controlled remotely, rather than a bug.  It makes sense as a feature request, though.

    I sort of feel like this can be split up into two different enhancements.

    1. Change the ActCommands API to read an ACT setting to configure the sound it makes.
    2. Create an ACT setting to change the sound attempted when normally a system beep is requested.

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to change the volume of system sounds.  ACT requests a system sound and the system handles it.  Muting ACT will not mute the system from making a sound it was requested to.  That's why disabling ACT's sound engine does nothing.

  • FWIW I wouldn't recommend treating "/e end" and "/e clear" like a system event and using a system sound to provide feedback.  It seems like you already have a sound configuration area in the program, so I would put the options to modify sound feedback behavior upon receiving these chat events in that tab.  That's just me, though.

  • If I don't use system sounds, I would have to package WAV files with ACT or rely on WAV files that exist with a certain version of Windows but might not exist on another. 

    System sounds are invoked when a MessageBox is used as well.  The type of icon you give the MessageBox determines the sound and the system plays the sound.  Nothing about the MessageBox says that it is for system level events.

    Just because it is called a system sound doesn't mean it's meant for system events as you describe.  It just means it is configured by the system and played by the system.

  • Ok, I see what you mean.  I guess I'm just used to de-coupling stuff from the host environment when I program--I just don't like relying on the OS to provide part of my user experience.  But that's just a matter of programming preference, I suppose.

    Well, I hope you put in that feature you mentioned above.  There's at least one person out here who would appreciate it.  Thanks a lot.

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