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Grid/Snapping feature?

So I don't know if I'm just an idiot and can't find it or if it isn't a thing but... Having a grid or a snapping feature (something like the HUD in FFXIV, hold shift and it snaps to the grid) would be amazingly helpful for getting the ACT overlay placed perpendicular to say the edge of the screen or lined up better and more cleanly with elements on your in-game HUD.



  • I don't think it's something that I could add from my end.

    I imagine the things you're describing are windows created by plugins.  ACT doesn't have any 1st party knowledge of what the plugins are doing when they don't use ACT's APIs.  That includes creating a new window.

    I can imagine some hackish ways of doing this, but doing it from inside of ACT isn't any easier than from outside as a separate program like WindowSpace does for snapping.  The overlay plugins could do it themselves as they know about their own windows and can easily handle their events.  But every snap or grid implementation would likely be different as it would be a custom implementation with no real standard.

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