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Formatting issue for EQ2

When I try to create a custom parse for healing, I have no options for sorting by heals per second. My "Sort combatants by" box is completely blank with no different sorting options to select, so when I paste the text, it's completely out of order. Picture below for example. Any help would be appreciated.


  • edited August 2019

    Well, that's a strange problem.  The dropdown list should have the same entries as the Encounter view table config.

    Supposedly if you download the below attachment and use it as an ACT plugin, it will repopulate the list.  But the plugin can't be run at startup because ACT will ignore the repopulate request while it's still loading and instead repopulate at the end of initialization.

    It sort of sounds like something is happening and it wasn't able to repopulate the list at the end of ACT's loading.

  • That did it. Thank you so much. You are my hero.

  • Well, I guess...  but I'd rather know why it was broken to begin with.  It doesn't make a lot of sense.

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