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After ACT update its killing my internet.


This is a wierd bug am i getting.

I opened ACT today and update it, after it the program start killing my internet, its not reset my modem its simple kill my internet on windows 10.

Anyone having this issue?


  • Your post is severely lacking in information.

    But let's just pick some random situation.

    You have a certain VPN running, the FFXIV plugin perhaps running WinPcap mode and the VPN / WinPcap kernel drivers are conflicting and causing connectivity issues.

    Even if that were the case, it is not an issue with ACT and I cannot help you with it.  All I can say is I've heard rumors of it.  ACT itself does not do anything special with networking, especially from one version to another.

  • Ok i'ill give information, if you need more please tell me.

    I use VPN NoPing, its worked fine before this new ACT update, i don't know what you need but if you say i'll send.

    The VPN website is :

  • So, you're the third I've heard with issues along those lines.  One had their wireless drop when they started playing, one just couldn't get any network parsing to work.

    NoPing was the commonality; I didn't want to mention it as a random guess but if you say that's what you're using, then it puts you in their shoes as well.

    Here are some snippets from people who know more than me about it...

    Someone from NoPing's marketing division mentioned that they were working to make it compatible with ACT last week which makes it sound they're aware of some problems.  For now, I can only recommend that you don't use them together.
  • Aaa okay, thanks, i'll talk to them to see what process they got.

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