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Integrated Notification usage

Hello there,

I was searching for an alternative way to notify the users of my plugin that a duty has been found.
I made a custom winform to emulate the windows toast notification.

But the code is *ugly* to say the least, and I'm willing to remove the implementation from my plugin.

I noticed that ACT has a Notification popup (have seen it a couple of times)
I searched the API reference for some informations about it, but was not able to find any.

So here is the question (also TL;DR):

- Is there a way to use the integrated notification system provided by ACT?

Thank you in advance for any answer,

Regards :)



  • It uses the following:

    It's not super customizable, but it works well for delaying display while exclusive fullscreen. I'm actually not sure what happens for borderless windowed.

    The buttons are properties that you tie events to and you change the visibility properties. The buttons will always dismiss the window. It should auto dispose after hiding.

    It's completely custom, so let me know if you have suggestions for needs or borderless windowed doesn't behave right. (Never shows)

  • Thank you, I'll test it out and let you know 😀

  • Just tested, and here I'm with a couple of things that could improve it!

    1. Give the possibility to add a Title and a Content
    2. Un-bind the size of the form from the size of the Font (i tried adding a 22 fontsize, got a giganormous notification form xD)
    3. (Connected to 1 and 2) Give the possibility to change the size and weight of the font for the message (and the title)
    4. Give the possibility to Align the text (vertically and horizontally), to be able to put the message in the middle (for example; i would do that if there is no way to add a Title)

    Thats all,
    Anyway, even if it stays like this, i'll still use it (as it gives me the possibility to throw away my crappy toast form XD)
    The DFAssist plugin users will be able to choose between this toasts or the windows ones :D

    Thank you for all your work,

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