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Act Install problems. Please help...

edited July 2018 in ACT Plugin Discussion
I recently moved FFxiv onto my C drive after a long while of having it on my slow hhd, while it was on my HHD i couldnt get act to work for one reason or another and not i still cant... i wiped Act from my computer completely and have tried to reinstall it twice but it just wont start showing dps (Parsing?) and doesnt connect to the game. Half the time it will show nothing on the ffxiv settings tab and the other half it will and say the game is running fine but wont show any dps at all, the most i got it to do was show what zone i was in as i was closing the game. Once...


  • I'm not an expert on the FFXIV plugin, but I have heard it needs to be fairly unrestricted.  If you uninstalled ACT, it could be possible that something like Windows Firewall has forgotten its rules for it.  Though maybe that doesn't apply for the memory reading mode that is now primarily used.  If FFXIV is running as admin for some reason, I'd make sure ACT is as well... or perhaps that's a necessity for memory reading anyways.
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