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Custom Trigger Benchmark Question

I got a message about having more than 1000 lines in a log file and to perform custom trigger benchmarking.  I did that and now I know that my EQ2 Synergy trigger is using way more time (36-100+ms depending on zone) than the other triggers.  So what do I do about that?  Is my trigger written poorly?

<Trigger R="(?i):(?&lt;Player&gt;.+?)&#92;&#92;/a says to the group, &quot;Synergy&quot;" SD="Synergy" ST="3" CR="F" C=" General" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />



  • edited August 2019

    Case-insensitivity is expensive in this case.  It is why it's not on by default in ACT.

    Here are some variations of your trigger.  I would suggest using one of the highlighted ones.

    In particular, moving the case-insensitive flag to the quoted string.
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