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[Bug] Using -minimize argument while "Minimize ACT to a tray icon" causes crash on load

I didn't see a github linked, so I thought I'd post here.

As the topic says - If I have "Minimize ACT to a tray icon" checked and close ACT, it will crash every time I try to launch it with the "-minimize" argument. Turning off "Minimize ACT to a tray icon" lets it load minimized, but not to a tray icon. I assume it's because it shouldn't ever be minimized, but then is because of the argument.

A feature request while I'm here, if possible: The behavior I'm after is the program launching silently - Ideally, no pop up dialog boxes (loading settings), no UI, just started straight to the tray. 

Thanks for the program, and keep up the good work :)


  • This touches on a hard to avoid bug in the .NET Framework where completely hiding the Windows Form before it ever shows up will somehow cause a StackOverflowException.  It doesn't seem to happen if it just starts minimized or if it starts normally then self-minimizes.  That commandline argument is a loophole that I forgot about.  I previously tried to delay hiding the form if it was in the config file, but I bet that argument is still causing the bug.

    I've never used Github for ACT.  Technically ACT has been around longer than Github and I didn't feel right about using their platform.  They want open source projects whereas ACT has never been officially open sourced.
  • Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this.  When I run ACT with Minimize set in the shortcut and -minimize set in the command line, the main ACT window appears for a second and then disappears... but doesn't crash.

    I tried putting the -minimize logic before and after config load and it made it completely silent for me(in tray-icon), but I understand not showing at all is what causes the crash for some people.  Using the -minimize flag circumvents the haphazard crash mitigation I put in for people who experience it.  It seems you're one of those people that experiences that crash condition still.

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