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Encounter Ended Immediately - FFXIV

Long time user, first time finding an issue.

Description of the issue I'm seeing:

Encounters end immediately, after every action I take.  Here's an example of the encounter list in the GUI:

One of the configuration parameters that would affect this is is set like this:

If I uncheck both "Number of seconds to wait...." and "Use an internal timer" then that encounter is tracked properly, but won't end unless I click "end encounter."

My install is pretty much as vanilla as I can imagine.   I have a few spell timers and other triggers.  I disabled them to bring my setup as close to the default setup as possible.  Network test worked, if that helps.  

I perused some of the other settings to see if anything jumped out as being relevant, but I didn't see anything.  Where should I look next to fix this?




  • Others who have heard about this reported said something about the timestamp of a random log line might get erroneously set to something in the past, like the Unix epoch (1970), and then back again to the present.  This would make it appear that years have passed and a new encounter is made.

    I don't think the plugin author said much about it at the time as to what the cause could be.

    I'll consider making a change to ACT to ignore/errorlog backwards time leaps while in-combat.

    In the current version of ACT, it's possible to have two copies of the FFXIV Plugin running at the same time without knowing it.  Until the next release that fixes it, try removing all entries of the FFXIV Plugin in the Plugins tab and restart ACT.  If it comes back, do it again.  I don't know if two plugins active would cause an issue like this, but it's a possible scenario that might do just about anything.

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