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ACT error message

New here. Keep getting this error message when I try to "reload plug in." I've made sure I have the most current version, using both x86 bit. I'm pretty annoyed at this point and have no idea what else to do.



  • Are you sure you should be using 32-bit?  In almost all cases, you should be using x64 unless Windows is actually 32-bit.  For instance, FFXIV with DX11 is 64-bit only, which means ACT has to run as 64-bit and all plugins therefor should be 64-bit versions if you have a choice.

  • How do I change it? When I install ACT, it doesnt give me an option. 

  • edited September 2019

    If ACT is run normally on a 64-bit system/OS, it will be 64-bit.  So you should only use x64 plugins if you have a choice.

    If ACT is run on a 32-bit system/OS or started using the "ACT x86" shortcut, it will run as 32-bit.  Only in these cases should you use x86 marked plugins.

    If the plugins do not have an x86/x64 distinction they will run how ACT is running.

  • Ok! Finally got it to load correctly, but now I feel like an idiot and can't actually get the overlay to display over my game. Is there an option I'm missing or something? 

  • The game cannot be running exclusive fullscreen mode.  OverlayPlugin overlays are just semi-transparent "windows" and normal windows cannot appear over exclusive fullscreen applications.

    Using borderless-windowed is the easiest path.

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