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New guy help please.

edited September 2019 in General ACT Discussion

Hello , this has been way harder than I thought it would be. I've got act, the overlay, and kagerou installed with firewall permissions granted and running as administrator and it still won't detect my game when I use test game connection.... any help would be appreciated.



  • Hello, I cannot get act to detect my game client I am running in admin mode with firewall protections. The mobs have the health plate showing but parse is not working.

  • Please don't post two topics about the same thing.

    I assume if the parsing plugin's overlay works, it can detect memory.  Which means your firewall is blocking things, still.

  • Sorry about that, this has been frustrating to figure out. If I do memory only parse mode everything works correctly. I'm using windows 10 and that firewall is granting it permission. Any thoughts of what else could be blocking it?

  • I would delete all firewall rules involving ACT and reapply them from scratch.  In addition, your current network must not be set as a "public" network.  It must be assigned as "private" or else the FFXIV's packet capture won't work.

  • Network is on private, would it have anything to do with me being on 64 bit and i'm not sure if the orginial ACT download is 64 or not?

  • ACT is agnostic will run as whatever your OS is.  (Except if you use the "ACT x86" shortcut)

    If this were the problem, memory parsing would not work as DX11 FFXIV is 64-bit and a 32-bit process cannot read the memory of a 64-bit process.

    If you cannot get your firewall to let it through, you can try installing NpCap and use that mode in the FFXIV plugin.  Supposedly the firewall does not block the network driver.

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