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SMN - Pet combined with owner - Egi glamour and Demi-Phoenix

Hi ! 

I recently started to play Summoner and I'm having 2 issues with the parser : 

1- When I apply a carbuncle glamour to my egi, it won't combine his dps with mine (not a big deal though)

2- Demi-Phoenix is never combined to me 

"Disable combine pet with owner" in my FFXIV settings of ACT isn't checked.

I am using this overlay :

Thanks for the help ! 




  • The author of the FFXIV parsing plugin does not read these forums... reporting bugs here won't have a lot of effect.

    My guess is that Ravahn doesn't have all of the proper pet names for the French localization (or the wrong locale is selected in the plugin?)

    To properly report the issue, you should either go to his Github tracker or his Discord server with log line samples.

  • It works ! By changing the language of the plugin !

    Thanks for your help ! 


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