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Remove specific countdowntimer when cast specific spell

As Redmage when Verfire procs my counter starts counting 30s.
But when I cast Verfire, I need that counter to disappear. It seems I need to programm it in Regular Expressions, any guides outthere on how to do that?

Thank you.



  • I tried reading this a few times, but I wasn't really able to understand.

    If you have a normal timer starting when you cast something, why would you need it to be removed when you cast it again?  I don't play FF14, so I don't really understand the situation.  Would the timer appear without you casting it?

    If you provide the line from View Logs, I can provide you with a regex... I'm somewhat lost as-is.

  • Hey there,

    Let me be more specific:

    When I cast Spell1 there is a chance that Spell2 procs. I can use Spell2 in the next for 30s.

    When I don't use Spell2 and keep casting Spell1 and it procs Spell2 again, the timer resets - which is ok.

    However, when I use Spell2, I want the timer to disappear, so I know that the proc is gone and I can try proccing it again.

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