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FFXIV ACT overlay no longer showing in fullscreen after Windows 10 update

Very frustrating. I think I'm just going to have to reset everything, because the solution to this doesn't seem to be very clear. 

I just downloaded a windows 10 update, and when starting the game again my ACT overlay now no longer appears when i hit my toggle button while in fullscreen in FFXIV. Not sure if there is a setting I should be looking for in ACT or Windows.. or neither.. or both. I have no idea.



  • Technically, you could never put basic overlays over exclusive fullscreen applications like games.  In Windows 10, Microsoft created a hybrid borderless windowed mode that replaces fullscreen mode in games.

    However, it causes serious problems in some games, so sometimes it must be manually disabled.  Occasionally, Microsoft will push compatibility updates that disables it, also.

    FFXIV has borderless-windowed mode which is what Microsoft was trying to create with the hybrid mode.  Exclusive-fullscreen mode is always the fastest.  Borderless-windowed and the hybrid-replacement are slower, but provide more flexibility.

    You have to choose speed(DirectX overlays only) or flexibility(any overlays).

  • where do you make the changes? In ACT ? I am having the same issue with windows 10 update now

    EQAditu said:

    You have to choose speed(DirectX overlays only) or flexibility(any overlays).

  • The FFXIV game.  ACT has no overlays to begin with, so it's certainly not an ACT setting.

    Fullscreen == nothing can show over the game.

    Borderless fullscreen == allow any topmost/on-top window to show over the game.

    Most overlays are only semi-transparent windows.  There's no magic.

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