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ACT/Discord freezing

edited October 2019 in General ACT Discussion


I've been searching everyehwer for help on this but I cannot find a resolution. If FF is in borderless full screen, both ACT and Discord continuously freeze. If I go window mode and expand to fullscreen, they both "work" but ACT works in ticks(timers tick down IE: 10s 9.2s 8.4s....ect they font have a flowing countdown). Discord does not DC when in just window mode. I've tried turning off enhanced sync and free-sync, ensured windows game bar as well as Xbox software is closed, stopped every process that doesn't appear to be required to run, disabled discord overlay, complete reinstall of both FFXIV and ACT, and ensured hardware acceleration is disabled in discord. 

Although the overlay freezes, if in window mode, the data records correctly in ACT.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance!

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