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Change default sizing of the grid?

I have low vision and use a higher scale factor for windows plus an increased font size inside ACT and so now in ACT's parse grid, everytime I click on an encounter, the horizontal sizing of these cells reset to a default.
Is there a way I can change this default sizing?
As it stands, I have to readjust them every single time I look at an encounter.


  • There's no default sizing; rather it is an algorithm that sizes each column based on the length of the header text and cell data text.  The columns will always be resized in such a way so that there will never be a horizontal scroll-bar.

    I assume that you've changed the main table's font size so that it can no longer fit much text in each cell?  You might consider lowering the number of columns shown in the table until you can see what you wish to with the current font-size.  (Encounter View Options, etc)

  • I didn't notice that correlation!  Thanks.  
    I did remove all the columns I could live without to make the process easier but I'll have to re-examine the settings.

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