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Share trigger using EQ2 macro file?

I would like to make an EQ2 /do_file_commands macro that performs a "/g <Trigger ... />".

First problem is quotation marks. EQ2 seems to strip all double quotes in a macro file /g command. I can replace double quotes with single quotes, e.g. <Trigger R='regex' ... /> but then possessive single quotes don't work, e.g. C='Aurelian Coast: Maiden's Eye [Heroic]'. Can't use &quot; because 1) the semicolon is an end-of-command in a macro, and 2) it doesn't decode it anyway. Tried \x0027 for the possessive but that ends up in the trigger verbatim.

There might also be a problem with back slashes, but that won't matter if quotes won't work.

So, impossible? Or am I overlooking some other method?



  • edited January 2020

    If it were just text in the log, &quot; or other XML entities should work... but since macros and the UI use that as a command delimiter, you seem stuck without it.  I don't think XML really supports other escape sequences.  Internally, it is treated as UTF8 XML.

    I'm guessing that in-game macros aren't sufficient?

  • In game will not do what I want, though those do work.

    I'm working on a plugin that provides an alternate interface to the Custom Triggers tab. I thought it would be useful to be able to select a category and build a macro that would share all the triggers in that category with one /do_file_commands.

    I might still leave that in but enable it only if the particular triggers are not problematic.

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