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Help needed for new user


I just installed combat tracker for ff14.

I tried to search fro advanced guide of some sort but could not find any, - if anyone knows pls let me know :)

The addon seems to work, but for now I just want to move the bar of the target or make it smaller... I am very stupid and the settings are not made out very clearly, you need to explain them to me. - If I target a monster the green bar pops up on top of my screen. I want to move that bar all the way to the left and make it thin and smaller. How come, no options are clear to do that?



  • I'm guessing you're using the overlay that comes with the FFXIV plugin... so you change the settings there...

    Since it talks about Clickthrough I would have imagined you can just move it around with your mouse instead of typing numbers in Screen Position.

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