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ApplyTimerMod question

The API doc for ApplyTimerMod documentation says "Applies a recast mod to new timers"

That makes it sound like only an existing ApplyTimerMod would be applied and only for the remaining duration. In other words, any ApplyTimerMod's applied while a spell is cool down will not be applied.

Is that the case?



  • Yes.  This is part of an EQ2 mechanic.  Recast timers are calculated by the game at the end of the spell cast.  Debuffs that modify recast timers have a duration themselves.  If the Attacker dies, the debuff falls off early but that changes nothing for already modified recast timers.  Newly applied debuffs don't affect recast timers that are already in-progress.

  • Ok great, thanks for quick response

  • edited April 15

    One more thing that occurred to me. If the debuff is up does it run for the entire time of the recast?

    recast*debuff amount

    Or is it applied just for the duration of the debuff?

    recast+(debuff duration * debuff amount)

    Assuming debuff duration < recast
  • It follows EQ2's mechanics as of a decade ago when I implemented it.  Which means that the recast timer is set when the spell is cast and nothing else matters.  The debuff has to be on the combatant when the spell is cast; it doesn't matter what the debuff duration is.  In terms of multiple recast timer debuffs, multiple from the same debuff name do not stack; different debuff names stack additively.

    Traumatic Swipe was a 50% timer mod.

    So if a combatant was debuffed with Traumatic Swipe, a spell with a 60s recast would have it end up being 90s instead.  There are no other complicated variables.  Some spells cannot be modified except by direct means; so they would ignore Traumatic Swipe which is a general recast debuff.

  • Great, thanks again for taking the time to explain it

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