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ACT for Mac?


I see that ACT has been actively updating til very recent and wondering if there is any for mac version. Download tab only contains exe file which doesn't work for mac. 

If yes, please send me a link. If no, is there any plan for developing one? I wish to use it for ffxiv dps checking. 



  • edited June 2020

    The short answer is that it's not going to happen because of how the FFXIV Plugin works and how OSX works.

    FFXIV on Mac is just the Windows game client working inside of WINE through an official distribution channel.  The FFXIV Plugin works in Linux with some very specific setup, but that setup cannot be made to work for OSX.

    Some quotes from the person that did a lot of the research for Linux usage and current maintainer of the setup scripting to make a working Linux instance with ACT:

    Yeah, unfortunately the answer for macs is the same as it has always been: Until someone with some deep knowledge of mac security and how the client is packaged and functions, as well as knowledge on how to get everything ACT side working in that version wine comes along, there's no way to get it to work on mac.
    Also, AFAIK, the mac version uses DX9 with all the caveats that implies vs ACT
    I don't know if setcap even exists on mac, and even if it did, the way the socket listener works wouldn't work in mac (because mac can't open a raw socket listener like windows/linux can). It would 100% not work the same and would require someone to likely add code to Machina to accept packets from a forwarder on the Mac side that could hook the appropriate interfaces.
    The game runs in Wine on Mac. The same way we get it to work in Linux. But the Wine on Mac is significantly different, and there are a lot of security hacks we have to do on Linux to get ACT working there.
    Nope. The only reason it works on Linux is because enough of us linux users sat down and worked to get it to work on Linux. So unless someone with a lot of extremely in-depth knowledge of macs comes along and gets it working there, it's not going to.
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