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Need Help, Cannot Run ACT in 64 Bit

i am new in using ACT on XIV, i installed by following this guide

i run the "Advanced Combat Tracker.exe" (not the ACTx86.exe) in administrator mode, i have bypassed the firewall, but when i am testing game connection i got this error

i found something weird that task manager shows this app as this (32bit)

clearly my system wont launch this in 64bit

anyway i am using windows 10 home 64bit

kindly need everyone help  :/



  • ACT is compiled in such a way that the OS will pick 32/64 and prefer 64-bit where available.  I've never seen it prefer 32-bit instead.  ACTx86 is a wrapper that requires 32-bit and loads normal ACT in that context. 

    I attached the reverse of this idea...  ACTx64 will refuse to run as 32-bit and load the normal ACT that way.  This is just a test and won't work long term through updates.

  • wow that solves the problem, thanks!  :D 

    do you have any idea why my system preferred 32-bit for ACT? is there anything i could change in my system to make it prefer 64-bit instead?

  • I've never heard of this happening before.  A 64-bit system should prefer to run ACT as x64 already.  There are very few ways to force it one way or the other.

  • edited July 9
    Adding an archive for  The only difference between ACT versions is the *.config file has to reference the current ACT version.
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