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Can Triggers be created to only go off based on my combat info and not the whole group/raids? (EQ2)

I have some triggers set up to alert me when certain of my DoTs expire. But in raids, where there are other people casting the same spells as me, my triggers go off on their spells as well. Is there any easy way to set things up so my triggers only go off when MY spells expire? Thanks!


  • Unless the game message has your character name or 'Your', etc in it... there's no way to know.  You'd be better off using a custom UI piece that monitors your maintained spells.

    If you absolutely must have a trigger in ACT, attach a private chat message to you casting it... have the trigger use that message and have it start a spell timer that warns you when it's about to expire based on you knowing the debuff's duration.

  • Thanks EQAditu! I do have a spell timer but I'd prefer to have audio tips in addition the the visual ones. I'll try your suggestion, sounds like it should work!

  • Spell Timers can have any audio cue that a trigger can... or do you mean a custom UI piece in-game?

  • Yeah I meant I have an custom ui addon.

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