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ACT Trigger and Timer guide

Long time user, but doing some more in-depth actions with Timers and triggers instead of just seeing who has the most station cash and on the top of the parse :)

So... I was wondering if there was a guide to this? There are two videos, but they both kind of skip over on Youtube, and I don't see a new user guide to use.

Could you direct me to a location where I can learn to set up triggers and timers?  Specifically, I am looking to have "Touch of the Faceless" show up in my timer window but it doesn't seem to show up, most likely because I haven't set it up correctly.  Any help on this please? 

I'd love to learn what the other functions can do: (EQ2 please)


  • I'm sorry, to clarify, I am definitely looking for when the mob casts a hard hitting aoe spell that does not "Say" anything in the chat, just casts it every 40 seconds.  Something above is not right because it will not seem to trigger.  Thank you.

  • It being colored blue means that it is restricted to usage within a zone or a mob named after the Category.  You will never fight against a mob named " General" nor will you ever enter that zone... so that spell timer will never be used.

    Touch of the Faceless just sounds like an old Cazic Thule spell.  If it does detectable damage, it doesn't need to have a Custom Trigger... just the Spell Timer.

  • So remove the check mark on restricted to zone and put in the name of the mob for category?

    In my example, Protector's Realm, Imzok, the final golem, if I put in Stomp of the Massive, a 40 seconds aoe, and put Imzok in the category name, it should work?

  • I took this picture while the fight is going on, just trying to get it to work, and it's not showing up in the spell timer window, I double checked spelling as well. It is Stomp of the Massive from Imzok's Revenge, the name of the mob. Any more suggestions? And thanks for getting back so quick.

  • I hope the pictures are helping, here is the damage I am taking, I'm still getting nothing in the timer window.

  • Normally the Category is for your own organization... it's how it gets sorted in the treeview.  If you use the blue checkmark, the Category starts meaning something more important.

    If you uncheck it, it will work in any zone and for any caster of that spell name.  If you change the Category to the mob's name, it will only start when that mob uses it.  Or alternately, you can enter the zone name as the Category and any mob in that zone can start the timer if they cast that spell.

  • edited August 2020

    My guess is that the parsing plugin cannot tell from a single line what is the combatant and what is the spell name.

    Either Imzok is casting Revenge's Stomp of the Massive or Imzok's Revenge is casting Stomp of the Massive.  The grammar of the line is unclear.  It's fairly likely, especially with bards that there will be apostrophes in the spell name... so the combatant name gets split off at the first apostrophe.  Player pets also get filtered this way into their owner by happenstance.

    You'll want to add a correction in the parsing plugin's options...

  • The easiest way to add a spell timer in ACT is to right-click the spell in the treeview of the Main tab and select Calculate Spell Timer.  Send the result to the timers window and the category, spell name and period will be filled out for you.

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