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Which folder should all my plugins be in?

Hi all, I searched on this topic and couldn't find an answer. I downloaded ACT and most of its plugin and everything runs perfectly without issue. However, today I realized that I have two separate folders for ACT, one is under my program file and one is under user/dataapp/roaming. The one in program file has the main app, and the one in dataapp had all my plugins. While there is no issue with this setup, I would like to correct it and move them all to the correct folder if this is not supposed to happen. Which folder should they be? And what would be the best way to fix it? Thank you so much for helping.


  • edited September 2020
    Program Files is for executable/program data that does not change often, comes with ACT itself and can be used with any/every user.  Windows protects this location from modification.
    AppData is for data that is specific to your user/setup, such as configuration data or extra plugins specific to you.

    This is general ideology for every Windows program.  If it came with ACT, it should be in Program Files.  If after ACT was installed, things were added to ACT, it should be in AppData.  ACT will put everything a user does in the user's AppData folder, because it's not part of every user's ACT.

    Don't randomly put things in Program Files that an installer does not put there.  Again, this is general ideology for every Windows program.
  • Awesome, thank you for the explanation. So I think the setup itself is fine and nothing needs to be changed then. I appreciate ur help.
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