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Overlay plugin installation error

edited September 2020 in General ACT Discussion

I had this problem the last time I had to reinstall ACT, at that time I could just install it again at once (overlay plug-in) but now for 14 days + - it doesn't work again. I NEVER had to change settings on the pc or give permissions, it always worked that way and now no matter which overlay plug-in version I try (download it myself) it just doesn't work anymore.

Maybe someone knows something I can do to fix this ...



  • I can only suggest to delete C:\Users\Sebastian\AppData\Roaming\Advanced Combat Tracker\OverlayPluginCef and have it try to download from scratch.  There's something about the folder as it is now that's blocking it.

    Also, what's the Notifications tab say?

  • After i deleted the dir and try again the notification tab no show/say nothing more '-' but he says only error for the download. in the overlay.dll tab have the options automatically download or manually installation but when i download the CEF and try install manually is the same error so delete the dir no resolve.

    The problem is no have permissions, the dirs are all blocked for write new items, he create new dir overlayplugincef > overlayplugincef.tmp > contents(in contents have other item) but he stop/error installation and delete all again, only the overlayplugincef dir no.

    I never needed change permissions and no understand why now i can't install the plugin :(
  • There's something abnormal about your system...  such as security software blocking things.  This folder is chosen because the current user already has full access to it.
  • Yeah, i checked the AntiVirus, no have notification, no blocks nothing and i remember and checked again if the ACT exe's are selected für trust's and yes, is but idk why he blocks the folder/uncompress but after i stopped the AntiV the overlay download/install are done whitout errors. 

    Tnx all for try help :)
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