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Possible EQ2 parsing issue for Behead damage


I recently acquired the "Horseman's Hallow" - - item in EQ2.

After wearing it for a round of zones tonight I looked to see what sort of damage it was doing to me over the course of a night.  I would have expected to see the "Behead" effect to have been parsed as Incoming Damage in ACT.  But for myself and someone else I was grouped with I never saw it listed in any encounter.

I did check my logs and found it is being logged as...
[Mon Oct 12 22:24:21 2020] YOUR Behead hits YOURSELF for 53579927 focus damage.
[Mon Oct 12 22:24:21 2020] Xyz's Behead hits Xyz but fails to inflict any damage.

[Mon Oct 12 22:30:24 2020] Xyz's Behead hits Xyz for 63987568 focus damage.
[Mon Oct 12 22:30:25 2020] YOUR Behead hits YOURSELF for 53627060 focus damage.
Note: these are just a couple of examples of it including a resist for it; there were many other logged entries as well

Is there an issue with what is being logged vs. what the parser is expecting to see?

Let me know if there is any additional information needed.



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