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ACT showing 100%

ACT starting showing 100% plus

I didn't change any settings and it started showing like this on everyone's breakdown when I show individually.  The mini parse and overall parse are fine, but not sure what i may have done to create this problem or is its the game side..


  • Where possible, graphs will use the data from the table using the sorting column.  The normalization is based on the "All" table row.  So if you had the table sorted by average hit, the "All" entry would have something in the middle of the others, where the others could be higher or lower than "All"'s 100%.

    Your screenshot cuts off the part of the graph that tells you the input column, but just change it to something like Damage or DPS.  The "All" entry will be 100% and it will be impossible for anything to be higher than that.
  • thanks.. apparently i had clicked the column.. must've been a late night lol
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