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RaidAttendance plugin version 1.7.0

This release of RaidAttendance has the following changes:

  • Added a round robin loot assignment helper for the raid looter via the [Rnd Robin] button. Clicking the button any time after a /whoraid randomly flags a player in their comment column as the next person to get loot. Subsequent button clicks flag the next person in /whoraid order, letting everyone get an award before anyone gets two.
  • Added 'Timed Alerts' on the 'Settings' page. After the [Start Raid] button is pressed, audio and/or visual alerts occur in order saying whatever text is set in the alert. For example, specifying "60, hour 1 dkp, av" will alert audio and visual (av) saying 'hour 1 dkp', 60 minutes after [Start Raid]
  • Added a 'Settings' checkbox to hide the 'Join Time', 'Leave Time' and 'Gap Time' columns on the 'Raid' page.
  • Changed the pop up messages to pop up over the ACT window. Visual timed alerts pop at their previous location.
  • Update to .NET 4.6.1. Replaced BackgroundWorker with a more efficient approach.
  • Fixed auto-size of the 'Sit' column. 
The [Help] button has more details on the new features.
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