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All damage done in dungeon

Hello ACT and community. Firstly thank you for this amazing programme. 

I would like to ask you if there is an option for display all damage done in dungeon through all encounters in specific dungeon ingame. I would really love to see these stats for myself. Thank you very much for any advice.


  • There's an All encounter at the top of every "zone" in the treeview.  This is a running total of all other encounters for that node.  Is this not what you want?
  • I manage to find this yes...but I thought if there is an option this number (for example how much dmg I did in dungeon on its end) be visible ingame window. 

    If there is not I understand and will use All tab in programme itself.

    Thank you for quick respond.
  • I'm not sure if OverlayPlugin exposes any capability to show data from anything but the current encounter.  I think overlays are just summaries of what's happening now... and you should use the main ACT program window for historical data or seeing specific other calculations that are deeper than player specific stats in a single encounter.
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