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Notification Suppression timer for custom triggers.

Is there any config possibility for setting some custom triggers to have a timed notify suppress (i.e. It'll trigger on the first instance of the match occurring, but then won't notify any further instances for the next (x) seconds).
If there is, is it possible to suppress with an option to suppress for exact line matches of last notify, but not for new matches, but not exact line of outstanding (with each on their own timer).

This would be very useful for conditions where it's really useful to know that some event is occurring, but you don't need a constant reminder every tick (possibly on several characters).


  • If you're already using timers with triggers, you can move the trigger sound to the timer start sound.  Timers can use named capture groups from the trigger in their TTS sound settings.  Normal spell timers get an ${attacker} and ${victim} automatically... but a trigger can create named capture groups with those names and timers will create different instances if the attacker is different.  Then you can tell the timer to not restart if there's time left, so you'll only have one start sound within that time per name.  If the tick is 6s or less, it will consider it a DoT and not repeat the sound anyways.

    If you want less hackish methods, you might look at Triggernometry.  I've never used it, but it's supposed to be the answer to all trigger needs. 
  • Cheers!  I'll experiment with that, and have a read of Triggernometry. :)
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