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newest ACT version has a memory leak or something

I just went afk for half an hour, came back to my computer to find it unresponsive, ACT was using 100% CPU and 100% memory.
I'm using overlay target, overlay dps meter, cactbot...


  • The latest version of ACT is 3 months old and no one else has said such a thing before.
  • edited February 17
    That's not true, there was an update today after the recent FFXIV 5.45 hotfix. There was a popup to update and restart. Maybe it was one of the mods I'm using that updated.
    I'm using these overlays: Eureka, kagerou, raidboss, target
    I was in a party of two people, we were farming fates out in Azim Steppes, I went afk for 30 minutes. Came back to a locked up computer, ACT consuming all of my system resources. I killed the process and everything went back to normal. That usually only happens from a stack overflow or a memory leak or a recursive function allocating resources in an infinite loop. Just giving you some hints, I don't know anything at all about the architecture or anything, but something changed in today's update that is doing something bad.

  • You said "ACT version" in the General ACT forums.  I can't help if you're reporting a bug in those plugins as I don't make any of them.  I won't be fixing it personally.

    If it has to do with a 3rd party plugin, you should report your perceived bug to the plugin authors as the best I can do is pass it along, which at that point becomes the children's game "telephone".  If the authors have any further questions, I won't have any way to help them.

    The FFXIV Plugin was updated after the last game patch, as always.  Nothing in Ravahn's Discord mirrors your report, where the FFXIV Plugin, OverlayPlugin and Cactbot authors all participate.
  • This sounds like a similar or possibly related issue here:

    I'm not sure how much help I can provide, I don't know if logs exist on my system that could be helpful or what. I'll post on discord.
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