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Not a fan...

edited September 2018 in General ACT Discussion
I thank you for the work for placed into ACT...
   That being said, I would like to know how to roll back ACT, or install a previous version.
I am not a fan of the over simplified formatting AT ALL. Though I can edit the preset for the mini parse output, It does not allow me to change all the numbers back the way they were (i.e. maxhit doesn't have the _* after it, yet it is still abbreviated into short form). 

(03:19) King Vroak Vriipp: 11572873918.82 Player1-Dagger Storm-17.31B
Player1 | 5268232006.65
Player2 | 3041678260.03
Player3 | 1697486244.35
Player4 | 1013963461.99
Player5 | 425579510.43
Player6 | 125934435.37
Player5 | 0.00

This sample shows the best pre-update parse I was able to configure. I don't know how to get rid of the decimal place, and the "maxhit" at the top is still abbreviated, cant seem to find the option to change it to the way it was.

Is there a version that I can download somewhere?



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