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Getting Lag pop up how do I prevent this on EQ2

This pops up and game starts to lag out. I have a decent set up, so not sure why this is happening. Was fine then started doing this. Everquest2, Help! TY


  • Your symptoms together sound like your CPU is being fully taken up.  You would have to use Task Manager to figure out what are the big takers.  If a process has a number in parenthesis (3), expand the node to see the child processes and what is actually taking the time.

    If it was only Custom Trigger parsing falling behind and your game ran fine, I would suggest running the benchmark.

    As a side note, is that OverlayPlugin in the background?  I'm surprised people outside of FFXIV use it since a lot of overlays break without data specific to that game.

  • Not sure it is a processor issue. Was working great for a bit, then just started doing that. And that overlay works amazing.

  • Just to be clear, this is a screenshot of Task Manager when the lagging is happening?  Also, I meant the Processes tab to see which processes are taking CPU time.
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