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ACT Error in Duration Randomly

For whatever reason, at random times/fights, I get an error in duration for the fight and ACT does not post damage/healing, just as an infinity sign. I've tried to troubleshoot it myself, going through some of the settings, restarting it, updating it, etc and nothing. Would like to know if this is an isolated issue that can be resolved or if others are experiencing the same thing and may have a solution to my issue.

Thank you :).


  • ACT's error log should have more specific information about what the error was each time the table cell says "ERROR".  It's not possible to tell what the issue was with just a screenshot of the overview information.  Seeing the full picture is required as that's where the calculations come from.  I've never heard of the built-in Duration column having an issue before.

    Judging by the extra columns, I expect you're playing FFXIV.  There are occasional issues that appear when your computer's clock isn't synced with the game server's clock and some events take one timestamp or the other.  If there is a big enough gap, the timestamps will start to alternate between future and past times.  I don't see how this would cause this issue, but it's good to check anyways by re-synchronizing your PC's clock with an online NIST server.
  • So I made sure to re-synch my PC clock with NIST and it has slowed the issue. Where would the full log be? Been trying to find it to no avail. I would like a closer look to see if I can fix it entirely. Also, you are correct, FFXIV is what I use it for.
  • Click the link in my previous post for pointers on finding "ACT's error log".
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    Here you go, think this is it. It's from today. Had a few times where it chose not to produce anything.
  • I'm sorry, I meant ACT's error log rather than the game log that the FFXIV Plugin produces... but this should also be very useful to see if I can recreate it.  Is there any specific encounter that shows this from the log you uploaded?  I flipped through them all and didn't see anything strange.
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    So specifically, if you scroll to the last encounter on the log, what happens is that it produces and ERROR in the Duration slot, yet like you, when I look at the log, it is logging any damage, etc. that I am doing and or receiving. But for some reason, during the ERROR message, it will not post to the overlay. And something else I have noticed as of late, is that even if it does produce the ERROR, it catches up from time to time minutes later, as if there is some form of lag in the posting.

    Also, I only saw the FFXIV logs, maybe you can help me find the logs you were talking about.
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    You're looking in a sub-folder where the FFXIV Plugin keeps the game logs.  Please follow the directions in the FAQ and there will be an "Advanced Combat Tracker.log" file.

    From what you're describing, the error only happens at runtime but not when looking at historical data.
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    Exactly, is there a way to fix that issue? Or is it just a common communication error that the client has? Also, I think this is the file you were looking for. Was looking at it and seems there is an issue with values going negative?
  • It's talking about array items rather than the values in the array.  It's trying to grab something that doesn't exist, supposedly.  If there are 10 items, it's trying to grab something past 10 or before the first.

    Are you possibly looking at the All encounter when this happens or have the following setting enabled?

    I'm trying to narrow down where exactly in the code it is.
  • I did have that enabled, yes. Though not sure how unless it was pre-checked.
  • No, it's a fairly new option.  (well, 6 months old)  It wouldn't be enabled by default.  Since it's newer and not default, I guess not many people have seen this issue to report it.  At least I have something to test now.

    What do you have for values on the above and which checkboxes are checked?
  • First area: 30, as I don't want it to reset during battle intermissions and now unchecked in the second area, 1 second.
  • Hmm, 1 second is bizarrely short.  To be honest, I should block it from using anything below 2 seconds.  FFXIV uses fractional seconds, so it shouldn't be causing issues at 1 second... but maybe it still is.  But what it means is that it is internally creating a lot of split encounters and perhaps when running live, it keeps catching the data in a state where it can't process it correctly.  But once non-live, the data is complete and doesn't cause an error.
  • Would turning that option off completely possibly nullify that function? Or would it still run the encounters in a split in the background, potentially causing other issues and/or the same issue?
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