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Can an ACT trigger read text from a website and announce it?

I was just wondering... is it possible to have ACT read the contents of a website if I supply the URL?  For instance, during raids, I would love to be able when a certain phrase pops up for it to automatically recite the amount of DKP I have, which is a single number or string of text, and it will always be at the same URL, and its direct URL never changes or doesn't have a lot of info besides my points.  (If you change the URL a bit, you get the entire online workbook displayed, but the cell in question has a direct URL directly to just that cell).

Just wondered if it was possible.  Thanks!  (This is for EQ2, but really just a general question about the capabilities of ACT).


  • Custom Triggers are specifically for text from the game's log file and are simple in function.

    You might look at Triggernometry to see if such a complex task is possible.  If not, a custom plugin is possible but it might be over your head at that point.  Depending on how simple it is, I might make it for you.
  • Since this conversation fell off and I can't attach files to private messages, here is the plugin file.

    Either fill out the Data URL using the placeholders on the default URL... or use this tool to construct the URL:
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