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Changing WSServer Overlay Design? (MopiMopi)

Good Afternoon:

I have my ACT overlay working and showing on my stream, but the colors, data items displayed are the default while on my screen it shows all the changes to the layout and design I have made. Is there anyway to force the stream overlay to display the same layout as the one on my screen. Keep in mind that both the one on my screen and the one to the WSServer are the same overlay enabled on the OverlayPlugin screen.

If that fails, is there anyway for me to alter the default style file the overlay pulls from so the default is of my own design?



  • I believe you already had this answered in Discord, but for others...  OverlayPlugin is a web backend... overlays are webpages... OverlayPlugin comes with a webbrowser called CEF.

    If you change overlay settings in CEF, you won't see those changes in Chrome, FireFox, Edge or OBS.  Each webbrowser will store the settings locally.  The settings are not saved with the webpage.  Different webbrowers do not share their saved settings.

    If you want to change an overlay's settings in OBS, you must interact with the overlay directly...
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