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CEF error

I recently whipped my whole comp. Now when i reinstalled act im unable to download the plugins for ffxiv. it keeps telling me unable to download CEF!


  • If OverlayPlugin can't download CEF, you should probably fix what about your computer is causing that.  If you don't, you won't be able to download OverlayPlugin updates in the future.  For example, disable VPNs before trying.

    The alternate method of downloading CEF is to go into the Plugins ▶ OverlayPlugin.dll tab, go to the Manual Installation tab...  download the CEF package it links with your webbrowser... then click the big extract button to point at your downloaded file.

    But, again... this isn't recommended as you are leaving the plugin update system broken.  PS... don't just say it can't download it... give the entire error message.
  • sorry about that. but here is a picture of the exact message. 
  • also when i tried the step you said i also got the same error. im not sure what i may need to do to my computer that will stop this issue. 
  • Sounds like you have some security software that is messing with the process.  OverlayPlugin isn't able to manage the temporary folders it is putting downloads into.  So not a VPN/network thing... but something like AV or other security software.
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