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Installing for FFXIV: "Unable to connect to remote server"

Hi! I'm attempting to install ACT and I've run into a bit of a roadblock - when I run the wizard I get the message "unable to connect to remote server." I have found the common fixes and done all of them:

- Run the app as admin
- Unblocked the app for Firewall access
- Even made outbound and inbound exception rules in the advanced Firewall settings 

I'm not sure what else I can do - is a manual install of the plugin possible? 



  • Anything in the wizards can be downloaded here:

    But if you cannot download them from the wizards, you won't be able to get updates to ACT nor the plugins.  You will have to manually install updates the same way.  Depending on which sites are being blocked for ACT, you might not even get update notifications.

    Once you download a plugin, the best place to put them is in ACT's AppData plugin folder. 
    %APPDATA%\Advanced Combat Tracker\Plugins
    You can find a link to the folder in ACT's About tab.  In the Plugin tab, you browse to and enable the plugin you placed, etc.
  • I'll try this out - thank you for responding!
  • edited July 18
    sigh ... I manually installed the FFXIV plugin, but when I get to the part where you download overlay plugins and I'm met with either the "unable to connect to remote server" message or a perpetually loading bar. I don't know how to get the app to communicate with the ACT website beyond the steps I took above. 

    edit one - Doh! I did not notice if I scroll further down the downloads overlays are there as well. I'll try that out.

    So, the plugins, such as cacbott and OverlayPlugin - I place them in the same folder as "FFXIV_ACT_Plugin.dll"? I'm not sure if this is correct because when I placed them there, they do not populate into the "Get Plugins" screen.
  • edited July 18
    The Get Plugins window is only for downloading plugins.  There's no difference between parsing plugins and other plugins when it comes to extracting them and adding them to the Plugins tab.  Just don't put them in Program Files, ACT will complain if you do and for good reason.
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